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5th Oct. - 15th Nov.

Virtual Hackathon

50k€ Prize Pool

The Hackathon

Blaise Pascal, known for being an early pioneer of the mathematical theory of probability and the design of the mechanical calculator, would have loved quantum. As a french mathematician, physicist and philosopher, the idea of quantum and all its possibilities would have been a true wonder to the big thinker. 

To commemorate Blaise Pascal’s great work and his legacy, PASQAL will celebrate and mark his 400th anniversary with: The Blaise Pascal [Re]generative Quantum Challenge. 

With this challenge, we dare you to rethink how we understand and use quantum. 

Participating in this innovative hackathon will give you the opportunity to push the boundaries of quantum computing and its applications, and influence and [re]shape the world and the future ahead of us. 

Are you ready to find new ways to face sustainability challenges for our cities and transport? Such as lowering consumption, increasing energy efficiency, and discovering endless new possibilities. 

The Challenge

Prove that scientific and technical innovation based on quantum technologies can provide large-scale energy solutions today.

Beyond purely academic results and in line with the concrete industrial vision defended by PASQAL since its creation in 2019, the hackathon’s challenge is to identify use-cases related to environmental, social, human, or economic issues, and find a sustainable solution through quantum computing to solve it. 

Use cases can range from health (e.g., anticipating epidemic spread and virus transmission scenarios or supporting drug discovery by improving protein scoring functions) to industry (e.g., designing a new aircraft/car chassis using the minimum amount of material needed for maximum strength and safety) to AI (e.g., training AI with low energy cost). 

Drug Discovery (SDG3)

Sustainable Transport, Industry & Circular Economy (SDG9 & 12)

Environment, Climate & Biodiversity (SDG 13, 14 & 15)

 Smart Grids & Affordable, Clean Energy(SDG 7)

Sustainable Agriculture (incl. Zero hunger - SDG2)

Smart City (incl. clean water and sanitation - SDG 6, 11)

SDG*: UN Sustainable Development Goals

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The challenge is open to everyone

Whether you are a student, an engineer, a business professional or even if you have no experience in quantum at all. Don’t worry! With the help of our coaches, designers and other additional tools, we will make sure you are fully supported in developing amazing ideas! 


PASQAL, pioneers of quantum with a nobel-prize winning team, will provide participants exclusive access to their technologies, data and more.

It is up to you to use this data and create groundbreaking solutions for a better future!

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Why Join?

Break the mould and be a changemaker

Work on creating groundbreaking solutions in quantum physics

Tap into new skills and improve existing ones

Take part in this once in a lifetime experience


Registrations Open ➞ 16th of August 2023

Virtual Hackathon 5th October - 15th November 2023

Opening Conference 5th October 2023

Virtual Demo Day 15th November 2023

Awards Ceremony in Clermont-Ferrand 28th November 2023


1st phase: up to 50 projects preselected by 20th October 

2nd phase: up to 20 projects preselected by 30th October 

3rd phase: 10 finalists selected for the demo day by 13th November

Final phase:  the Demo Day on the 15th November. There will be three winners during this phase who will be invited to the event in Clermont-Ferrand on the 28th November to showcase their solutions and receive the awards.

Prize pool

50,000€ in Rewards!

1st Phase: 50 preselected projects - The top 5 will receive 1000€ per project

2nd Phase: 20 preselected projects - Top 5 will receive 1000€ per project

3rd Phase: 10 finalists - 1000€ per project

Final Phase: 3 Final Winners

PRIZES FOR WINNERS of Demo Day (15th November): 


Runners up at Final Demo Day


Grand Prize at Final Demo Day


Next Best at Final Demo Day


Data Scientists

Everyone is welcome to participate. Do keep in mind that teams with more members from various areas/sectors might have an advantage of combining different areas of expertise!

Teams can have up to 5 members, but you are also welcome to join as an individual.

Teams can be formed on their own accord (between colleagues and/or friends), but we will also be having matchmaking sessions for those looking to form a team or join one.


Business Specialists


Venue Online & On-site for the awards ceremony

The event is partially online: watch webinars, submit your ideas, check the different projects, and discuss ideas. This all takes place on the event platform (coming soon). The Final Demo Day will also take place online. During this day the finalists will pitch their ideas in front of the final jury, which decides which three teams deserve to win! 

The three winners will be invited to the grand event in Clermont-Ferrand on the 28th November 2023. Here they will live-showcase their solutions to the audience and network. Travel and accommodation will be provided.

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